Friday, November 3, 2017

What inspires you to travel

Here's my own list

Movies that inspire you to travel and go with the flow:
The way. My best so far. Walking through Europe was the hook.
Into the wild. Being lost in a jungle while being a rebel. Love it. 
Vincent and me . My artsy side fell in love with the 13 year old protagonist when I was 13
Eat pray love . A bit over rated but the part of renting a house in Italy and Indonesia does its part. 
Australia. Travel. Move. To a strange land. Make contact with tribals. Live happily. Why not?

Chai chai
The Alchemist 
The day I stopped drinking milk

Bakalava / Pakhlava - the speciality of Turkey-soviet regions. I loved my trip to Armenia because every evening I would head out in quest of Bakalava
Vodka - Same as above. In Armenia and Poland I bought all this great variety of Vodka that I am super excited to try out, party and get drunk.

Vodka in the east - Eastern europe, Poland, Russia, Armenia
Leather- I am looking forward to buy this in Italy

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