Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Autumn

After completing 5 years of living in Europe, I have a good sense of Western/ Central European life and culture. So here's what rubbed off on me and what ingrained into me:

1. I lost the English language I learnt all life!
Really strange but I can confirm that a language you learn as a child can change in structure as you become an adult. I learnt  British English growing up in India. But then I started learning German 5 years back. The structure of German and now Dutch has rubbed into my vocabulary and language so much that " I have now begun to speak like a Dutch person.

2. Be unapologetic about the directness
One thing I really appreciate about the Dutch culture is the directness and "to-the-point" talking. It cut a lot of unnecessary details out.
But more importantly made my talk precisely. I had struggles with confidence and used to mumble a lot. I personally feel it reduced and clarity increased when I made spoke (in a foreign language sometimes).

3. More kindness, More acceptance
Seems like I should have learnt it in elementary school. But infact I grew up very entitled and self-centered (like most people whose parents provide for them). The typical NRI life is families getting together for potluck Indian dinners every weekend and bitching, about India, about fellow Indians, about the host country. Just negativity.
When I ventured out to meet diverse people whose journey is far different from relating, I just decided to give kindness, acceptance and love.

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