Saturday, June 17, 2017

2017 - Binging on life

This year started so slow, a few successes and failures initially. I tried to change gears and accelerate it but the fate had a different pick-up rate to my gaadi and it crashed down with a big thud. What that gave me was a fixed timeframe to fix it and bring it back to the life I wanted to live or go to the life I had to live. The clock started and I started reaching out to all lifelines. I still think I am living on borrowed time. Therefore I started binging on life.
Sun, Sea and Sailing. Kinda sums it up!

  • Moved to Amsterdam center. I would rather live the Amsterdam life than not.
  • Started biking, sketching by the Amstel and kept the dancing going.
  • Travel to a new town every weekend. Train, bus or bike. Beach, canal or castle.
  • Booked a trip for next month!
  • Got an unlimited movie card. Watching all of those on big screen.
  • Explore restaurants. Not that I didn't do it earlier, but I am binging on life, like I intend to.
  • Booked a theme park! Next will be a spa and the like...

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