Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Flashmob for cause

Last Saturday a group of countries organized the First International Bollywood Flashmob. Same day - same time - same music - same dance. The motivation for us in Holland was to support the cause with several other demonstrations in support of refugees on the same day 19th march 2016.

13 countries and 17 cities in total practiced for this day with the same choreography and same music mix. Organizers worked out details and kept all city representatives updated. What I really liked about this whole online venture is the way it brought together all the people who have the common interest in Bollywood dancing. Everyone of these people worked together for a positive and non-profit cause. 

So there we are after 2 months of practice, and a permit from Amsterdam Gemeente with a group of 15 people dancing in Museumplein in front of residents, dutch, expats and tourists. Dancing on a cold and cloudy day in bright colours and vibrant bollywood music with the moto : One Love.

1 comment:

Haddock said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing to co ordinate and synchronize such a great event.
You have not mentioned all the countries in which it will be performed.
By the way isn't this in front of Amsterdam Centraal Station ?


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