Monday, June 1, 2015

2014, the crazy eventful year!

I call 2014 the most eventful year so far. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It took me from darkness to light.

In January I returned from India. Iw as jot so happy but happiness found me. I danced all of January and performed my first Bollywood dance on Republic day 26th January 2014. It was a start!

In February, I would up my job in Erlangen and packed up my house in Nuremberg. We set off on a trip to Barcelona and Toulouse. They were amazing and so love to see sun and snow on the same trip. I bought my first Dslr in my last paycheck. That's what I will remember from my Erlangen job, no more early morning hour long bus rides full of viber calls.

March 2014 was when we stepped into Amsterdam. I knew it will be positive by the step of it. And it was. I went to meetups in the very first week and in thr second week I was already setting up my own dance group.

In April we performed at kannada ugadi in Amsterdam and just became a little famous that day! Kings day was a nice Holland celebration that I won't forget.

In May my parents arrived for their trip and all went bright and sunny. I got my first job in may.

June I started my job. End if june I went to UK on business travel. What fun! Met Thomas, the anna from Akam days. Oh! What fun it was ... and the same week I flew back to Germany for my art exhibition opening.  It was a great trip. I had to make that trip to remind myself where I came form and where I and.  I met my girls and returned happier than ever.

July was a fun time with Gay pride and love.  Made a trip to UK again and this time visited Isle of Wight. Fun trip with mah boys yo!

August was sunny but not a travel that I can point on.

September was great fun. We performed at the opening of Bollywood at the park festival.  Pavan came over and we danced and performed like crazy. That one fun month! We performed at the Pop up week and made the most popular Bollywood flash mob video of Amsterdam,dancing right in the middle of dam square.

In October I spent a week in London, went to Brighton and also Kettering to see cousins of M.

November 1st was out Kannada Rajyotsava dance and November also saw anther Bollywood performance from us.

December was the last meetup of our dance group at Conscious hotels, our first home to Bollywood Amsterdam group. But a few other sparks definitely flew in December that made me look forward to 2015. New year and lots more to come ... well its happening now, better than ever. I can't complain!

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Smita said...

wow!!! You have been globe trotting. Good to see u updating this space :)


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