Sunday, May 31, 2015

A painting that took a swim

In a completely motivated state, I took an oath to start painting again. Water colour painting and go on a spree to paint. That I wouldn't stop until I finish 5 paintings. This is probably 4th :)

I started a new watercolour painting meetup on Amsterdamand had thr first meetup at Beatrix park. The day turned out so windy cloudy and rainy. Nothing to hamper my spirits. I went ahead with 3 others and painted. This painting of the Lions got completed,signed and  I got up to stretch. It flew. And it flew all the way into the water !!! 

A friendly artist fished it out. I laid it out to dry. And it flew again. Oh! The painting likes to fly and gather dirt. I finally pinned it to my book, let it dry and dusted it off. That's what you see below. 

Comments: the Ducks would frame it the next time you come back !!!!

Nevertheless, my watercolour painting meetup has kickstarted and I am on a mission to paint

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