Friday, July 11, 2014

One day of nerves

Yesterday was the semi finals of worldcup 2014. Holland playing and all. I wabred to see the gane outside. Ofcourse, i am a sucker for happy and high energy events.The plan was to put bike in m s car. But it didn't fit bcos we had another guy and couldn't fit my bike in.Then my phone died at amstel bridge. I went off to overamstel direction and got lost. Ha! That's the bridge I always fuck up on. So I put my bike in front of mercure hotel on the highway and called a cab. You know this little barbie lock I use for my bike. Such paranoia with leaving my little baby in a unknown place overnight and having to deal with the probability of losing it :(
I tried so hard to make it there this morning. Ah no trains. No drop at all. And no taxi too. With the nerves I still made it through work. Long long day at work. And I managed to sink out for an hour and take the temporary bus to that area.
Lo behold she was standing there even this afternoon. The guy up there wanted me to have my bike. Really.

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