Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ugadi dance in Amsterdam

After my Republic Day dance, I have just caught the dance bug and been more excited than ever to dance. So I landed in Amsterdam, didn't want to repeat the nuremberg mistakes, began socializing and met another girl who was interested in dance. I registered for the Ugadi program by Holland Kannada Balaga. Now it all comes together when me, the unemployed wants to do something with my time for the Ugadi celebrations. Gessell and I started practicing to Divya's pre choreographed Kannada dance video. And then we decided to have some more dancers and pulled in husband. Sent out a ton of emails to Kannada Balaga members and had two people join in. Got some of Pavan's simple choreo and put a sequence together. This is our dance

1 comment:

Haddock said...

Well practiced and executed. Wonder if there were any Dutch people in the audience.


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