Friday, April 4, 2014

Bike is back!

Yeah! My bicycle arrived from a month in storage. And today, I took it out already. Oh! what fun it is to ride to a mall and ride back with groceries in a backpack. Seriously, I've begun to adapt to these Dutch ways quite fast. Also, I was way too scared of losing the bike on my first day. but this mall seemed to have saved my bike this time :) Happiness!!!!!

Now-a-days I am dancing it out. Yes, to beat the moving stress and the "change of base" depression that follows, I have formed a group with some folks and we have been dancing. Our first on stage performance will be on the 12th of April :D Ta daaaa...

And there is the Bollywood dance group that got formed with me as a core member :) We have danced twice at Conscious hotels Vondelpark already. We did a full choreod dance for Badtameez Dil. What fun! 

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Haddock said...

Bikes are the best mode of transport and I found that everyone (including the kids) are encouraged to use the bike in Amsterdam.
Yes we missed out meeting, maybe the next time I am there :-)
Waiting to see that performance (and a write up) on the 12th


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