Thursday, February 13, 2014

My devils are sleeping

If empty mind is a devil's workshop, then my devils are also sleeping. That is how devoid of good, bad and ugly thoughts my workshop has gotten. Needless to say, the joints are rusty and creaky. Really, my bones are cracking since the last few days.

I keep thinking why a person gets so bored with routine. Especially, because I am the person who longs for a routine in place and gets upset by the disruption of routine. But when routine is so spaced out as it is now, I am at a loss. This has made me come back and blog as often as I used to in my first job and some time after that. When I was bored with myself and looked at keying in for some inspiration to scratch and spill out. You know, the kind that oozes out when you keep scratching the surface.

Of late, I have begun to think I am getting sun sensitive. Just like these Europeans think to themselves. They are happy and active when the sun shines and dull when it is cloudy or rains or snows. That means, an average person in Europe is happy for 15 days to 2 months every year. That is an aweful statistic to live life with.

I am also looking forward to the adrenaline rush from the move and new place. I dont care if the weather is bad for 300 days because I just got to know there is life in English indoors!!!!!

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