Friday, February 7, 2014

How is my art evolving?

In 2012-13, I have been experimentaing and painting some acrylics mostly with layers and thickness. And I have been having fun with it. Not more than 10% of my works have been conventional and watercolor landscapes that I trained in. Now comes the problem. When I visited home to drop off some paintings, my mother said you haven't improved in these years.

I am totally on the defense trying to justify what I do and why I do it. And alternatively, I feel there is no need for justification. My art is about my expression. You don't become a great artist till you have painted miles and miles of canvas. Where am I?

If being a good artist is about reproducing good looking landscapes on paper, why call the person an artist? Call her a painter. Or a imitator. Or whatever.
I have seen many artists works which I can't appreciate or very often bring myself to understand. I think it is a find line between appreciating the artist's expression and understanding an artwork. A chord that strikes with your soul and makes you can resonate with the feelings in an artwork. That is the true appreciation of an artwork.

On the other hand, I have a strong motivation to do both expressive contemporary artworks and keep in touch with my landscape skills. When I tried to paint a still life scene I saw in Italy last year, I realized how those fine skills just slip out of your hand when you don't use them often. Just like any other skill.

Scene from Sardinia, Italy. Painted in Jan 2014.
This is a tribute to my art teacher whose demise I heard about just yesterday. He taught me for 10 years.

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doctoring in arts said...

Reading this post gave me a teary eye.. I don't know why. probably my hormones.... But agreed with how we need to practice just like any other skill... :)


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