Monday, January 20, 2014

2013, another year went by, definitely noticed

I wrote 2011 and 2012 with great interest and enthusiasm. Somehow I feel my enthusiasm dipped a bit for 2013. Or I grew older and more mellow. I have no clue. But I was reading an article today that said a dying person's regret was not appreciating every year that passed by. So here goes a tribute to 2013, a whole 365 days I spent my life.

New years eve was celebrated at my uncle's terrace in Bangalore, a culture my das's family has maintained for years. Me and M spent a good time, me not drinking a drop of alcohol. India trip had given me a nice little wake up call with liquor a week earlier.

First of Jan was another relative visit, mundane social compulsion which neither M or I can appreciate these days. But we do it because it is a non-negotiable social obligation. And then I spent the next 10 days in depression and flew back to Germany. Winter was only starting. Lack of sun caused  huge round of depression. It is a phenomenon here!

In March I finished Zertifikat Deutsch B1 and then joined a course to write resume and prepare for interviews. Yes, right! They train people to do it the German way, instead of accepting you and tapping out your talent. Nevetheless, three months later this course gave me a good reference and a job, so I can't complain.

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
End of March, we drove to Berlin in freezing, never ending winter. There was no sign of Spring but there
was no stopping us from the spring. We spent snowing days in Berlin, sight-seeing, partying and eating. Then we drove down to Prague. Another lovely city with a charm and feel that just engulfs you in its artistic hug. We partied crazy in Prage and I drove back happier than ever to Nuremberg.

In April, I went to Italy to celebrate my birthday. And I got robbed. So I celebrated my not-so.important birthday in the police station getting an FIR of my lost documents and resident card. The next months I sat grounded in Germany waiting for the resident card to be issued again.

In June, my first art exhibition in Germany opened with a grand opening night and 16 artists from around the world.

I interviewed more than I have in all these years, failing, faltering and finally speaking enough German to be understood. In July, I started my job. I also got back my lost documents. Yes!!!! They found it back from the robbers in Italy.

And we went on the third vacation of the year. Salzburg and Königssee. Two lovely small towns and totally in Alps. Summer had started and the weather was perfect as ever. One weekend of getting back my resident card and going out of country was like freedom pronounced.

In August, we drove to Slovenia. What a beautiful place it is! If you ever want a cheaper side of Europe and still enjoy the beauty of the Alps, Eastern Europe is the direction. All along the Emerald route, we made stops to enjoy the sights and walk our tiny little bits.

September-October was Greece. Chania had me at the first sight of it Venetian port. The beaches are beautiful, boat rides exciting and swimming is my natural high.

Novemeber was Sardinia, Italy. I forgave Italy and vowed to be more careful. And M and I had fun in Sardinia. But all the sun bathing in under 20 degress made me return with a fever. And the rest of November, I recovered and went swimming!

Right as the Christmas season started, I sold a painting at the advents market. And it was a lucky painting. I can tell by the feel of it. It just geared me up for a happy new year ahead.

Finally, wound up in India for holidays and new year's eve. Made the family play Secret Santa and made them dance to dabangochi Kannada tunes. Happy New Year 2014, you all!


Roopa said...

That's quite a summary Sneha! I see I missed a lot of your life events and its good to know them now :)

Here's wishing you and M a fantastic 2014 too! I feel it in my gut - 2014 is gonna be a good year for you and me! :D so, here's cheers to us!

doctoring in arts said...

hello there I was just looking at your blog and artworks.. great paintings. especially love the flower...

do you still paint? how do you keep yourself motivated?


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