Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ok, here comes the mid-life

I often keep thinking what fuels life. There is a quick ramp and easy laid out path for most of our early life. Go to a good school, get into a good college, get a decent job, marry a rich/ beautiful person, etc The goals are well defined. And turning them around seems not too difficult. Many people have done it anyway and been successful.

But the moment you finish all of the mandatory goals of your early life and diverge out into specific track, the problem starts. Do you keep going to work for the rest of your life? Or do you keep doing repetitive stuff in the marriage for the rest of your life? For the ones that need some kind of  excitement and some kind of stability, this seems crazy. So you plan a next step, preferably crazy one. Some people quit their corporate jobs at 23 (what the hell, when did they start?) and some quit at 30 to serve humanity (I will never be so great!) . Do you follow them or wait for your calling? And what if the calling doesnt come for a long time? How long do you wait for a calling?

Another plan I had was make a mind map and follow each set of goals step-by-step. I did this on my move to the United States. a part of it was successful I was happy to tick off the goals I set and achieved. But when you consider the time you took to do things you wanted, something seems wrong! You got what you wanted but you did not get it when you wanted. Does it solve your purpose? Do you feel happy that you got what you wanted? Or do you feel sad that it came when you don't value it anymore? 

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Haddock said...

Ha ha I like that .... You got what you wanted but you did not get it when you wanted.
This is so true most of the time.
But I think the time factor is at a premium here as we live for such a short time, and we want to accomplish so many things within that short span.


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