Saturday, August 10, 2013

You are living proof of your passion

Entry for As Beautiful As Your Work contest for Mia by Tanishq

For as long as I can remember I have loved art. In particular, painting is one form of art I learned to express myself with and it has given me great solace in testing times. What started as a hobby and summer time activity developed well into my personality through my growing years.  Although I have been educated as an engineer, I never undervalued painting or ever gave it up. My priorities changed with time and like everyone else, I was concentrating on that better paying job or the better known university or the best husband J.

I took every opportunity to exhibit my works and enjoyed the results of my creativity and years of hard work whenever the audience complimented. After two successful painting exhibitions in Bangalore and one in Hyderabad, I had almost acquainted myself in the market for aspiring artists. And at every point in life, you are stuck with an obstacle., which is when you tend to turn to your last known place of comfort. This became painting for me.

When I got married and moved to Singapore, I was well aware it was a six-month assignment for my spouse and any chance of career furthering opportunities for me would be limited. When you move to a new country, the culture shock for a trailing spouse can be overwhelming. While I looked for a suitable short-term job I kept painting. I also took a part-time course in the prestigious Nanyang Aacdemy of Fine Arts where I networked, religiously noted art industry news and forums to follow. When a call for aspiring artists was sent out by an exhibitor, I quickly applied and was picked among thousands of applications. At the exhibition I noted the striking evidence of being the only Indian artist among the 12 exhibiting artists. It was a moment of glory to exhibit my artworks outside India and to achieve it within the first year of relocation. As a proof I sold two paintings. I almost felt a halo around my head as I wrapped up the exhibition.
All smiles at my first exhibition in Singapore
For the next six months I followed my husband to Boston. America is the land of opportunities, agreed! But as my trailing-spouse drill repeated I felt the pinch of competition in the big land.  Mine is not a story of first-time-success. It more like try-try-and-try…. till-you-succeed. None of my applications for exhibitions were accepted and as a result I let out more steam into newer and more different styles of paintings. As a final shot, I went on to rent a hall (with some support from the husband ) and organized my first Solo Painting Exhibition. I did all the marketing alone. Most of my invites were RSVP-ed and as an encouragement eight people bought my paintings. A friend even sent me a picture of my work hanging in her living room. Oh my, that called for tears of joy.
Two of the three paintings that were patronized in Boston

Styles evolve for good or bad. I would suspect mine was the latter. For an year I have been living in Germany as a trailing spouse and be it the eight-month-long winter or the less-than-friendly locals, my integration into this society has experienced some serious friction. However, the one and only ‘Call for Aspiring Artists’ I applied to was accepted and what I suspected as bad and depressing artwork is now on exhibit for three months in a gallery. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. My life lesson: Never lose track of your passion and Never give up!
With my painting titled "Woman moving the Earth" . Moving the earth or moving with the earth has been a part of me.

 Here is the Mia video by Tanishq that inspired me to write my own story And check 


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Hope we see more of your paintings and exhibition. All the best!

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Nice post...

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inspirational :)

Preethi said...

inspirational :)


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