Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Fiction on iBookstore

With the upgrade of iOS, I started to explore the few new additions: iBookstore, podcasts and iTunesU. Liked them all. Specifically the free fiction section on iBookstore. There's nothing better than free books for a bored soul. Top it with free new English books in a German land, ah, it feels good!

"A family affair" and "Bluegrass state of mind " are the new fictions I licked for free. The reader is neat as well.

Podcasts is another good story. The streaming is fast and I have been downloading some nice German practice lessons. All things to keep occupied in a sane way in a cold country with a huge language barrier.

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Rach said...

Hey, I would recommend downloading the Kindle app and reading Amazon's free books. They have a lot of classics that you can download for free. A book that I read this way recently (and really enjoyed) - The importance of being Earnest - Oscar Wilde.


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