Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comfort zone to Tolerance zone

When I went to visit Europe 3 years back as a tourist/ traveler with a virgin passport, it was amusing. The continent struck me in awe in every aspect. One day I felt I should become the lift operator at one of the peaks in Switzerland. Another day, I loved the liter jug of beer I downed at a garden. And yet, another day I loved the tiny fountains along cobbled roads. But while I fantasized that life, I just couldn't picture myself as one of them. Maybe that's bud of it all. Moving and trying to settle in a continent which you admired as a tourist destination can be someone's fantasy come true.
You loved the place. Yes. You struggled to speak a few words and giggled at yourself. Yes. The cobbled streets gave you a romantic feeling. Yes.
Would you consider walking those everyday, stilettos and flip-flops alike? Would you carry a cloth bag to shop a day's worth of grocery everyday? And not imagine stocking grocery for yourself because your refrigerator is no more than your knee tall? Let us let go of the comfort zone for now. I wonder if there is something you do when you are thrown out of your tolerance zone...

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