Monday, June 11, 2012

Life in Boston

Firstly, I am dedicating this post to my handful-of-dedicated readers who pumped in some motivation.

Life has been great. That is one of the reasons I haven't had time to sit down and peacefully introspect, retrospect on the happenings. Moving to Boston was great. Movement itself was a smooth operation but a delayed operation. When I say delayed, I mean by a few months. Not just by our own procrastination, but even after we arrived in Boston. My kitchen left home in Singapore in the end of September and arrived home in USA by the end of November. I think it ad to sail around the world. Poor boxes of spices!

We met some great people, reconnected with old friends, dug out relatives, landed at their places to be fed and visited 12 states of America in the six months here.

Winter was mild and sweet. Every trip and every state was gorgeous. And most importantly friends and family warmed up our stay to be memorable.

The peak of our stay was definitely a solo art exhibition I organized. It was one of those testing times, where I braved the decision to go solo and stuck to it. M backed me with everything. We came out in flying colors, in the true sense. Friends supported me through this endaveor, ofcourse I mean both emotionally and financially by purchasing original Sneha Divakar's

Without pissing off M, the shared peak was also a trip to the west coast which blew our minds and opened up my world to nature. I could say I celebrated my birthday in a jungle with no access to phone et all, and still didn't feel a tinge about the aging process. If there is a place I want to revisit, you get the idea.....

I am not winding up with any heavy heart because there is no time for any such. The last couple of months (before I fly out ) has been my shot of landing a job. So I can convince myself no regrets of wasting time.

Catch you all, hopefully before I touch down in the other continent 

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Smita said...

Solo show??? WOW!!! Congrats! And good to know that all is fine at your end :)


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