Monday, April 16, 2012

2011, a year in life

Another eventful year went by and four long months later, I am sitting on a Sunday evening recollecting a significantly younger, naiver self grow through the year.

The year began on a pretty dull note. Wedded a month earlier in December 2010, the husband flew out on the new year evening and I was on a long wait for the visa. January 2011 was also the beginning of my Painting Exhibition - Canvas of India with Kalanirvana. Went to Hyderabad and spent a few days hanging out at the gallery and with cousins for the most part.

February - I finally packed my bags and flew to Singapore to start a new life with the better half. Had an interesting start, new apartment, new country and sunny days. March flew.

April was my first solo trip in South East Asia. Went to Penang and Langkawi and roughed it out as a backpacker when the spouse was at a Conference. In April, we also planned a trip to Bali to celebrate my birthday. But Bali ended up being another solo trip and I was introspecting life the "Eat, Pray Love" style.. Don't ask how! Man missed 2 flights. Right, 2.

May was another trip to Malaysia with the spouse. KL was fine as ever. Shopping, Petronas Towers, Genting Highlands and a crazy exit.

June was another trip to Indonesia, but this time a ferry to Bintan Island. Cute and expensive island totally dominated by Singaporeans who holiday there over weekends. The beaches by every resort are totally man made with imported white sand. Seriously, the original sand shows from underneath and it is brown :) And there are no waves in the beach. A large part of South East Asia's beaches are flat by the way.

July was our big trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. A 10 day trip through Hanoi, cruise on Ha-Long bay, killing fields and Cu-Chi tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City, Angkor Wat, temples of Bayon and Angkor and lovely star hotels pampering us all the way. That's the real Asia for the world traveler.

In the background of all these trips, I completed a certification course and started job-hunt again. Coming back after a hiatus is alway the tough part. But making a break in a new country is tougher. Working, networking and some luck did pay off.

August was a trip to Jogja or Yogyakarta in Indonesia. On this trip, we also stopped at Jakarta and checked out Taman Mini Indonesia park. If there is anything that shouts diversity in Asia, this park is going to be it. Not India. It shows culture tending from Oriental to Aboriginal. Try it!
Jogja is a wonderful place as well. Borobudur temple and the active volcano nearby are the cover page items on Indonesia's tourism.
And as we were counting all these trips, Philippines just made it into our itinerary and to this day remains the best beach destination for me. Boracay island has been the most beautiful beach I have been on.

As the off-season closed and before the season began, we flew a quick weekend to Phuket and partied away on Bangla street with the famous Thai ladyboys and clubs. That was the grand ending of our trips in South East Asia.

I came back to my Singapore job in September. Worked till the week before we finally left Singapore in October.

October was excitement. The long time dream of coming to United States of America got fulfilled. Coming to Boston in Fall was a great thing. It looked beautiful and the Fall colors held on till November. I dived head on with paperwork. Got documents in place. Started driving in the next few months.

Come December and we completed one successful year of marriage. Anniversary dinner at 12 Tables in Cambridge was hubby's treat. To celebrate, we headed off to New York City for a whole week. Finished off the year end holidays gambling away in Atlantic City.

Welcomed the New Year 2012 back in Boston...


Sindhu :) said...

The thing I totally love about you is how you really live your life and enjoy it. You don't just exist!

Belated Anniversary wishes - I know this is coming four months down the line :) But I certainly wish the best of everything for you guys!

Fida said...

OMG, I got out of breath just reading about your exciting year! You've done more in one year than most in their whole life! Ah, I am just envious ;) Is there green chocolate?

Reflections said...

I echo Sindhu's comment......and not the least, glad u found a life-partner who shares ur interests:-).
And where is that post on Boston???


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