Monday, January 9, 2012

Meeting Haiti earthquake victims

In the past, often I had heard about the Haiti earthquake and hunger in Somalia but it didn't really pinch the reality out of me but today I had the opportunity to meet the victims of these tragedies. Volunteering with Bostoncares has taken a significant place in my calendar this new year. I enrolled into volunteering activities of different types. The first time I set foot into Jewish Vocational Services, I admit I was intimidated by the huge African build of most people around me. They might look alike but no two people are really alike. I worked with victims from Somalia who moved to USA months and years ago in the hope of basic necessities and a good life , students from Kenya who moved to USA because of war, earthquake victims of Haiti, Indonesians, Nepalese... As an English speaking, educated person I was helping them fill job applications.  The reality literally pinched me when I saw a Reason for Leaving previous job filled with "war started". America, with all its faults, has done a great job as a developed  country should by accepting these people to live and work under refugee status. 
 Real life has so many tragedies and yet we crib about economic crisis, stock price drops and layoffs. I wonder if any of those people whose houses came down in a quake or got bombed, relatives shot down, would care about a few thousand points on the stock market. How different live are and vaguely similar. In the end we all want a home to come to, food, some love and maybe lots of money :)


VOC said...

I share your opinions, thanks for this views!

The Ginger said...

Well said! I think you are awesome for helping those people, I wish I had the means and location to do so. The world needs more people like you.


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