Friday, December 23, 2011

My evolution to Ice skating

I tried Ice skating. For the first time in life. And the first time since I arrived in Boston,USA. And it was a great feeling. Tops my list of try-new accomplishments.

My association with skating dates back to the 90's when my father got me and my brother a single pair of roller skates to share, learn and play. Yes, a single pair. Though I feel it was more for him being the younger kid. But I like to think it was for us, as my tiny feet fit them well. It was the old style skates with 4 wheels each. But was pretty easy learning balance and smoothing my moves as a pre-teen.

Later, in my teenage years, father got in-line skates from USA. It was definitely for my brother because I had taken serious into painting and he hadn't yet developed a hobby or sport. Bollywood move Taal had released and Akshay Khanna was inline skating for 3 seconds in all the trailers. And inline skates were a rage for anyone wo could get hands on them. Anyway, my tiny feet fit in well and I got better with my moves. We used those in-line skates all over our semi tarred road in Bangalore and tore off the rubber coating.

This year, I tried Inline skating again after a whole decade of no practice. And after a little struggle for balance, I did skate with reasonably smooth moves. A total of 2 skating session in the East Coast park in Singapore during 8 months.

Finally, today, I got to consolidate all my skating skills into ice skating. I was so thrilled with the ice skating rink in the park in Boston, I asked M to bring me an extra jacket and come along to supervise any falls/accidents and be a part of first time ice skating experience. After slowly sliding into the rink, holding the railings both of us tried skating. The first round was fun. Lots of first timers like us, falling all over the place and giving us a being-part-of-the-scene feeling. Second round, I fell on my knees and hurt. Falling for the first time in years, and probably aging added to it, I felt dizzy and nauseated. Walked up to the cafe attached to the rink, got some hot water and then I decided I wont give up. After all, I was not as old I thought because of unhealthy living. And I did better and better with each round in the ice skating rink. Was pretty happy and satisfied with my ice skating experience. Hope to ice-skate more this winter.

Happy Holidays!

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