Monday, October 24, 2011

Second last day

Drafted on 21 October 2011

Today is my second last day Singapore. Incidentally I was heading with a suitcase to Sentosa island when I bumped into Indian tourists in the resorts world bus. Kannadigas as well. After the first hi-hello and basavanagudi- hanumantha nagar - malleswaram chat they asked me if I am a tourist. No. Am I staying I Singapore. Actually I am leaving for good tomorrow but I said yes, I stay in Singapore. Why am i with bag at Sentosa? Even I wonder why. I am out of Apartment lease, staying in hotels and now at the resort in Sentosa island hopefully on the company., and I am coming back from laundry to take stuff when I move tomorrow for good. Well I just answered that I was on a holiday at Sentosa., which btw is also true because I am free to enjoy the resort till I fly.  Except i have things to do. Engineer? Yes. Do i work here? Actually  left my job much earlier to my departure date and now I am jobless. So I am doing chores in the mainland and going in and out the island. I answered yes to avoid any confusions to poor tourists.
Do you plan to settle here? Well, I cant really plan because my husband moves in his job. Neither can he plan anything because his employer has plans maybe. The most uploading answer i could come up with was as long as possible we stay here in Singapore.
This bus doesn't have gear. Are all buses like this in Singapore? Yes, it is easier for the lady to drive. ( easy question :))))) )

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