Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Musings, Singapore!

Singapore, like any well developed city has a good public transport network. One of the metro lines in Singapore got completed, well on schedule. I used this line to commute to work (yes, I am employed as I write this), popularly called the yellow line or circle line and knew that it was a semi circle. What surprised me beyond anything was that the map, routes all over the metro stations, the name plates and everything changed overnight as if to tell the commuters that the new system was the only system in place. Everything, without an exception. And this is in anticipation of the line opening 4 days later.

Singapore, I am in awe. And when I leave I will miss the level of civilization Singapore has gotten me used to.

1 comment:

popsie said...

You movin already? Where to? Spore is on my travel destination list.


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