Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why do I judge people?

The only answer I can give myself is 'it's an Indian habit'. But I realize this is a 'human habit'. Everybody likes to form opinions and judge people, they know and don't know. I see on old man every night at Bugis. He sits with a few packed bags and suitcases in the same cafe's outdoor seating every night that I pass by the Bugis junction square. I would pity the guy thinking he was homeless at that senile age and trying to spend the night at the outdoor seating of a closed cafe. Then suddenly I got another idea for the old man. I thought he must have been a businessman/ hawker who would wind up his shop at the end of the day and wait for his son/daughter who worked at the cafe to finish shift and take him home. This sounded better and I pitied the old man much lesser. It is strange how creative I got about a completely unconcerned old man forming opinions and judging him. Not that any of it made a difference to him.
Coming back to reality, the same could be happening everyday in my life. Forming opinions about people, vice versa., and unless anyone goes out of their way to spit a negative opinion on me, it wouldn't affect me. Lol! Like anything matters...

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