Monday, September 5, 2011

Moon cake surprise

Had a knock on my door this morning and Peter, our building's retired handy man was happily distributing printed eco-friendly bags. He was excitedly greeting and hanging out moon cakes saying it is from the management. But all of a sudden? I took the pack, thanked him and fired up a search.
So, this is the Mid-Autumn Festival in South East Asia. The Chinese celebrate it as the Mooncake festival or the Lantern festival. Not a surprise that I have been seeing lots of red lanterns on sale in the street booths. And moon cakes too. But I had just overlooked them as normal cakes.

Moon cakes are made of salted egg yolk and cream. They taste really good and are very rich and heavy. Buy yours and enjoy the Lantern festival.

1 comment:

Reflections said...

Lantern festival....sounds really interesting.

This is why I love blogging......we learn about so many interesting things which we otherwise wd have never known:-).


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