Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I tried reading

Yeah, like a new hobby. I am a person who likes to take in the local culture and ambiance as I travel. This doesn't leave me too much time to do anything else. People watching and culture absorbing are so valid and full time when traveling. But last couple of trips have been different. More like vacations with all bookings and just relaxation. So, the books I read are:

1. Custody - by Manju Kapur. A book on a marriage, failure in Indian society and child custody. Quite a nice read but a bit too drilling. I don't quite get why Indian literature deals with IITs and IIMs to show the successful man.

2. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother - Amy Chua. This book is my recommended must-read to anyone who was raised in a middle class society of Indian/ Asian family and managed to make a reasonable mark into the globalized world. So, that covers all of us, right?
Amy deals with how Chinese parenting will never take a no from growing children and that's why they produce academic geniuses. Not to forget how this criticizes the very western world where it is set.

3. Good Business, Bad Business . The author seems to be compiling all the quite from business authors for small businesses. And he puts these between good and bad business, nothing at all to do with business ethics. Just what is good and bad in his comprehension. I could have skipped reading this book.

4. A Loving Kind. Romance novel from an Irish Author, Sarah Webb. Good for time pass. Deals with a lot of plastic surgery and its gory details. If that part could be skipped, I didn't mind this book on a vacation. 


deeps said...

Traveling and mingling with people of different background n discovering new cultures are like reading a few books together ha?

no wonder you 'tried' reading :P

Nautankey said...

Tiger mother sounds interesting.. so something common between indians n chinese :)

Reflections said...

Battle Hymn of the TM has got so many bad reviews tht it wd be interesting to go thru it;-D

Anonymous said...

Nice article..
good to read



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