Friday, September 2, 2011

Do birthdays change as we get older?

I think everybody gets excited about their birthday, irrespective of age. Why not? It is just one day in the whole year that is YOUR day. I till remember my grandma, my father's mother who is no more. Her birthday was in January 1st. Every year we, her children and grand children, would get excited and throw a party on the new years day and she would always cheerfully be a part of celebrations. My dad still loves his birthday and to this day insists on a birthday dinner along with all his brothers. I have myself always planned things to do for my birthday every year. Too bad, mine was always during school holidays(and I have cribbed about this in many many posts), yet I miss all those years of not being able to distribute candies to a class of 50. Anyway, I feel there's something not too in the groove with my generation( or just me) because the last few years I felt so overwhelmed about anticipating disappointment that I actually looked forward to passing off the day in silo and resuming life afterward. I would prefer eating in silence for the fear of not having to start a dinner table argument. It even rained a certain year. Fortunately that year, my colleague AT sensed this as we were winding up work and got a group to dine out mentioning all along that I didn't have to bear the bill. The fact is I didn't have to be alone that evening and felt that wee bit of excitement coming back which I had suppressed away.


geetha said...

Expressions of life changes over time .... Things about yourself and others which you once liked...loses its significance as time rolls...I guess thats life and hence they say that nothing in life is permanent except CHANGE itself.... if you want to move on with life.... you should accept change as though it is an integral part of life....

nice post....!!!

Preethi said...

yet I miss all those years of not being able to distribute candies to a class of 50.
i can totally understand that.. even mine was in holidays. but seriously, are bdays are the only day thats YOUR Day? I feel unless ppl around you make you feel good about it, its not such a big day, right?

Reflections said...

I'm late here but please accept my belated Birthday Wishes:-))!!!!!

....I miss all those years of not being able to distribute candies to a class of 50.

Tell me abt it....I was born on Jan 26th and all my life it was a school holiday and when I was little I used to be so mad at my mum always complaining 'why u 'borned' me on a holiday';-D


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