Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running and Motivating and Running

I have been running for a few weeks now. Running, in my context, also includes jogging, walking and sitting, standing and staring. So this is almost a routine now. I walk about a kilometer to the river quay and run along the Boat quay. Depending on each day's motivation levels, it is either repeated runs in the same route or stand/ sit on the quay and watch the river before I walk back.

Today I started earlier than usual so I could run when there was still daylight. Surprisingly, I saw half the population of Singapore running. So I followed the general route, which wasn't around the Boat quay in a circle, but took the underpass to Esplanade and Marina Square. Area I hadn't explored since coming to Singapore. Very close to Fullerton and all the fancy buildings and monuments while driving, but had never been to this part. Also stopped by at Esplanade amphitheater to listen to a band playing. The view is amazing. Just behind the stage is the river. Behind the river are flashy sky scrapers and the mascot of Singapore: The Merlion. All is Well.

With new found motivation I ran on the way back. Faster than usual, panting and sweating and probably reflecting it as well. A man running in the opposite direction waved a "Well Done". Coming from a complete stranger, it just made my day and increased the motivation by a few more folds. A friend SV in Singapore had told me long back, even before I started running/swimming/etc., that no one really laughs at you when you struggle with the workout, they have all been through it and the ones that do realize your position will encourage. I did see it after all.  

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Saras said...

Indeed running aka jogging is the best form of exercise for fitness. 2 to 3 kms a day will do a world of good to your health. Keep it up.


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