Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Got some flowers and life

Yeah! I got myself some flowers. I will confess, I have never done that before. Not that I am regretting it or not that M doesn't get me flowers. But I just saw passed by some pink and white flowers in the supermarket and picked them up for a very supermarket-y price and felt real happy about walking around with fresh pink flowers. Gave me a very young, happy and accomplished feeling. And why not? I went back to school after 5 long years, trained and cleared a certification exam (after long slightly traumatic study periods).
Wrapped my fresh flowers in a cloth-ish wrap paper and put them in a glass next to my pink floral painting. Yeah, I seem to have got a new pink life.

1 comment:

Preethi said...

funny now that I think of it.. I never got myself flowers. ah well.. maybe i shall wait to clear some exam ;)


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