Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY, oh engineer!

After reading a Do-It-Yourself post by Iya, I decided to fill in the furniture gaps in our Singapore apartment and headed to none other than Ikea on the public holiday here. We picked up a table and shoe rack. Both pretty sturdy metal and not too heavy. We didn't have a screw driver at home. So bought a power screw driver during the week and started to assemble these in pieces after M returned from work. We did this team bonding activity over a few days. Didn't want to finish it all in one shot, or maybe we needed to keep recharging the screw driver :P
So, here's the table that I now use as my art table and now I have freed the coffee table from paint :P

There is also a middle partition for the table top to slide down half the top and make it a smaller table. I liked this one a lot. Took some time to drive in the screws at 90 degrees. We screwed and unscrewed and had good fun.

Next one is my shoe rack. The apartment had provided us one flimsy rack and there was no way 2 foot wear freaks' possessions would fit into that. No prizes for guessing whose possessions occupy the new shoe rack.
Also picked up another drawer case but that was too easy to put together. So it doesn't get featured :) Anyway, I am happy with the finished assemblies and more so their usage. 


Joe Clark Cinematography said...

Does that table have any balance issues? I mean, if you set something on one cardinal side of the table does it become unbalanced?

Gayathri Ramdas Sreekanth said...

Wow..I just love IKEA and their products !


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