Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's day progressions

This post is all about remembering various Women's day celebrations in my little-longer-than-quarter-life.
Early 2000s (yeah Im not disclosing my age)
I was in 2nd PUC or 12th standard and preparing for boards. In the maths tuition class some girls suddenly started wishing everyone happy Women's day personally. It was fun for those ten minutes and the class resumed.

Some years later
It was my first year at work. I arrived in office one morning to find a bouquet and a box of chocolates on my desk. Sudden grin found it's way to my face, and every other female employee's face too... I also remember an all womens photoshoot at the office terrace that day. Good gesture by the employer.

This year
With Facebook becoming a part of life, every wishful woman has wished me and vice versa on the social networking site. Am not complaining. It's still goodbye wish and be wished

Happy Women's Day to all you wonderful women!

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Sindhu :) said...

Haha again - Happy Women's day :D :D :DD


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