Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On moving

I moved from Bangalore. After almost 27 years of firm rooting to the city. After a long wait!
My personal take on moving out of home is just do it earlier than later. Reason is simple. Later the first movement, tougher the new settlement.
I really have no reason to crib. I wanted to move to a English speaking place. I got it. I wanted a warm place and no sub zero temperatures. I got it. Beach. I got it. Yet, two weeks later I had a problem. Pissed off with everything i could find. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the desi-housewife-out-of-homeland syndrome. When you think you don't have much or know much outside our own home, you have no reason to step out with a purpose, what do you do? Get angry at the whole world?
Fine, I am not going any deeper into my problems. We are comfortable, living in the heart of the central business district, malls and very good food joints right outside our door, old Singapore architecture surrounding us, maid to service our apartment and other good things I can't remember now. I enrolled as a volunteer at SG cares and as a part-time student at NAFA ( nanyang academy of fine arts) and these shouldnkeep me well occupied till I land a job or till I find eternal happiness :-)


subbulakshmistoned said...

You got married?! You moved out?!

Anjuli said...

Is this going to be a more long term move? Any new country/culture/place takes time to adjust...especially considering you JUST got many changes...moving out of the home, getting married, moving to another country! WAAAHH! You are doing well- I'm proud of you for how you have taken everything in stride.

when I have my dates set I'll let you know- there is some rescheduling going on due to another commitment which has come up.

Sneo said...

@subbu: yep, got married and moved with husband. Why the surprise eh ?
@ anjuli: thanks. S'pore is 6 months and then another country.. :-)

Smita said...

Congrats for the mrrg :)

And am sure u will settle in some time soon :) these are just teething troubles :)

subbulakshmistoned said...

I knew you were engaged, but since there were no posts on marriage, wedding (heh), I assumed you were getting married later.

Sneo said...

@smita : thanks
@subbu : ;) wish I had something to write about marriage. The space is way too public to express my view

Kanupriya said...

Hmmm...its natural, change in personal life, from single to married, from little to more responsibilities, from home to a new country altogether...too many adjustments and new stuffs. Even if you wanted all these, you still may take some time to get adapted to your new life, new role and new environment. Best wishes for this new phase of your life :).
And how come a person like you needs a reason to venture out, arey just go out, explore places there and update your Indian readers about life and places there. As always your blog will come handy to many like us whenever we will visit Singapore in future :)

sajeevkmenon said...

Hi Sneo,
When did you move to Singapore? I also live in Singapore. Wish you a very happy married life:-)


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