Saturday, March 5, 2011

J K Don

That's for Japanese and Korean cuisine. I tried a Miso soup which is vegetarian to start with. It is clear and has leaves and minute tofu.
Next I tried to be a little adventurous with japanese Siew Mai. It was well fried and tasty. What looked like sushi to me happened to be Maki. Sake Salmon Maki. Like it. Except for the pungent wasabi sauce.
Main course was Yasai with udon. Udon is fat rice noodle. Yasai has lots ofsteamrdnvegetables and shitaki mushrooms. Tried eating the soupy noodles with chop sticks and spooned upbtje clear soup. Proud of my attempts.


Deguide said...

Seems to be quite a good soup to try....J K Don is it a restaurant serving this japanese dish

Anjuli said...

sounds like you are enjoying your experiences there. Have you gone to the Singapore stalls much since you have been there? (the food courts)?

Sindhu :) said...

Isn't Singapore a shopper's haven? :D The whole place is like filled with malls!

Sneo said...

@anjuli : serving talking about the food courts spread all over called kopitams? I ve seen those but not yet visited them. Waiting for your gracious company

@meher : yep. After a while you get bored of the malls and the never ending sales :)

Now I crave a beach and outdoors .. As always


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