Monday, March 28, 2011

If I were to do a self portrait

And if my self portrait were to depict me in an action that resembles
Me the most , I am wondering what that would be. As I try to get that pose right, I almost have glimpses of my life.
Take one : I could be practicing a speech for that school festival right behind the stage under a shamiana . Dressed in my schools grey uniform and maroon tie and belt (sounds hideous I know) I can almost see myself with one hand adjusting my ponytail and the other holding my speech on a crumbling sheet of paper, and not to forget my prefect badge :) what a time !

Take two: I see myself carrying a huge drawing board weighing a few kilos loaded in a huge sack along with painting materials dumped into it and cycling with all this load on the busy streets if Bangalore in the hot weekend afternoons, with a frown. Damn i am already self piting this image of me. Or just waitin for a bus, ohhh even worse for weekend afternoons. But this is surely me. After many years of this sorry portrait I paint what i paint today and I don't feel sorry for myself.

Take three: I am now slim and trim but with a curly mop that knows no style and I am running behind a yellow coloured bus with backpack and graphic rolls. That my engineering college days. 4 sweet an sour years gone by.

Take four: old backpack, sweaty capris and feeling dirty, I am walking on a beach just after getting off a twelve hour bus ride. That's the traveler I be become now, in search of accommodation, in search of my calling, in search of myself!


Anjuli said...

Each any every 'take' shows a different facet of you...they make me smile and I see future 'takes'...of the woman you are about the 'take'- A beautiful young lady with her hiking boots on exploring the gorgeous Northwest possibly with knapsack filled with painting gear- and a desire to experience all there is to experience!

Diffusers said...

Wow! every portrait of yours is damn cute. It depicts your transformation from a cute little girl to a mature young and confident lady.....


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