Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Big Thinkers event

I am talking about the yahoo Big Thinkers event which is a quarterly event held by Yahoo research labs. Firstly, I didn't know this series existed and the one on 28 Jan 2011 was the very first one I got invited to. Being a Yahoo Research Labs sponsored event, anyone would know this was totally technical but the abstract said

More and more social interactions are migrating online.  In this talk we study patterns of such interactions in social applications including email, newsgroups, instant messaging, and microblogging.  We address the data mining, modeling, and algorithmic challenges that arise as part of the study.

And I, like another social media enthusiast, took it to be another event helping people getting a taste of social media interactions. But what I did miss was the data mining and the algorithms included in the abstract. The social media patterns happened to be a case study and had no more relevance in the event. The event is all about studying the data patterns and building more effective models based on parameters that influence the interaction patterns. Any guesses how technical I am? And how my brain reacted?
But I did see a majority of the crowd gathered in the venue more for the snacks and tea at the city's 5 star than the algorithmic challenges that came with the tea. Maybe the social patterns of people gathering and moving towards snack counters is also worth a study..


Manasa said...

I was also lost while he explained algorithms and computing.

second last para!

Anjuli said...

ha ha- I love your idea of seeing the pattern of people migrating to the snack table!! This would make a great study. :)


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