Thursday, October 28, 2010

Running away from Coffee Culture

Seriously, I could never hate a coffee house more. I made the mistake of falling for a discount coupon on Snapdeal and that's it I landed myself and a good friend into this coffee shop in Koramangala. The shop had to AC to begin with and this caught my attention in the middle of pleasant post monsoon evening, thanks to the stuffy atmosphere fired up by hookas. I have nothing against hookah bars but the place should have enough ventilation.

The combo offer had a pizza/ burger, a fried item and a beverage. The wedges and smileys were fried in stale oil and looked a blackish brown. Burger was spicy by my standards. Margarita was the only choice of pizza. The strawberry smoothie I ordered was strawberry milk run in a blender.

The walls were scribbled by guests who I would guess were no more than 20. And guests presents were the same average age too. The guy was blasting loud music like it was a heavy metal pub and we couldn't have a decent conversation without shouting at each other. My friend said "there's nothing wrong with the guy, it's us. We are the misfits here"
You can try this place if you are:

  • <20 years of age
  • study in a college near koramangala
  • want to have hookah in a cheesy place where no adult would step in


Sapphire said...

I lived in Bangalore for 3 yrs in Kormangala and I so miss the place and the coffee-house culture (of course I spent the time I was 17 to 20 in blore so I guess I can disagree with ur post)....I love CCD outlets but MOCHA is a place I love to go to once in a while!!
If you are in Kormangala and just want a nice cup of coffee try Unwind Cafe :) it's cheap - you get the best cold coffee in the world :D (it's where the Unwind School of Music is) :) :)
A lot can happen over coffee but coffee-culture need not always involve expensive coffee-joints where a cup of coffee is more than 60 bucks :D said...

Dear Sneo,

We are sorry to hear about your experience at the coffee shop.

Infact in Bangalore there are several good coffee shops where you can hang-out with your friends.

At, we keep on coming up with these offers on a regular basis. All our merchants are very carefully selected and customer satisfaction is at the top priority for us. Perhaps, you would want to check them out.

DnY Team

Siddhartha Joshi said...

hahaha :) not for me for sure!

whats the name of the place?


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