Monday, October 25, 2010

October fest in India

For the second consecutive year, Namma Bengaluru organized October fest last weekend. Sponsored by Kingfisher, one of the biggest beer breweries, this event was a rage. It had a entry fee of Rs. 300 for friday and Rs 400 for saturday and sunday, which did not cover any alcohol on either of the days. But the crowd was overwhelming on the last evening when I visited.

Arrangements with Pendals and stalls with coupons seemed a good idea. But the best coupon to buy beer is always money. I wonder why they didn't accept that right away and had to put up the coupon drama.
Lacuna Coil, the band from Italy was playing and had their share of fans cheering. The packed audience always gives me good vibes of a rock concert. And, so it was. A good concert!

Hookah bar was another point of notice, in a beer fest. Hmmm! Though I expected the food stalls to be overpriced, they were very normally priced and with decent snacks. Actually, at a point I felt the beer fest had more food than Beer. The beer serving stopped at 10. And half hour before 10 pm, almost all stalls ran out of beer and the coupon stalls ran out of coupons. That was the biggest anti-climax in a beer fest.

Good point: There were a big number of portable toilets for men and women. Thank god, the organizers expected a lot of peeps to drink beer and pee too.

Trivia: Bangalore sells the largest quantity of beer in India despite being highest priced over all metros.

Yet there was beer shortage and mismanagement? Tch tch, KF!

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Manasa said...

heheh.. so how much did u booze :P

nice post n pics too :)


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