Friday, July 16, 2010

Eve's eve out

Yeah, we all need our own time to introspect, retrospect and probably prospect. That's why I randomly call a day or part of a day off for myself. Today evening was just one of those. Frankly, I didn't even retrospect or introspect. I was just inspecting all the items on sale when I entered the mall on my aimless walk this evening. All for the cancelled Friday evening plans, I even bought a piece of clothing. And then I went up to the food court. Darn! The Foodie inside squealed!

Bistro Grill: That's the counter I darted to because I was longing Pita and Hummus for the last day or two. After many years in South Bangalore I found a genuine high class Arabic food place and I was thrilled. The food was average. I picked a combo of hummus, 2 pieces of pita bread, a falafal sandwich or roll and mint juice. Pita bread was thin and when the warm food cooled as I ate, the bread got harder. That's not my best. I have had better softer pita. Anyway, the mint juice was refreshing and eating alone in a mall surrounded by people with their near and dear ones didn't strike the chord with a single hair of mine. I could see people struggling to feed their kids and fighting with their boyfriends, while I licked away the hummus off my finger. Seriously, I must be a ...
Btw, The Central Mall in Jayanagar is pretty well equipped with stock of clothing, accessories and a good food court with reasonably wide options. The food court ambiance is decently upmarket as well and friday night wasn't all crowded. I am definitely going back for more.

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