Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canadian Diets in town

Jus Booster Juice and Kiwi Kiss have opened their joint in Koramangala. The location is very ideal, a short walk from my nostalgic old office location.

Kiwi Kiss has a acute spread of "fro yo" s or the frozen yogurts. The flavors are plain yogurt, mango, kiwi and strawberry. Obviously I tried Kiwi and it totally rocks. They also have a topping option with fresh fruits or nuts. I tried the blackberry topping and it again rocks as ever.
But a cup of yogurt with fruit costing one hundred rupees? Well...

Booster juice just caught my attention ever since I stopped by their stall in Bangalore Airport. The smoothies are a total favorite now. These fruit blended with yogurt smoothies have a wide choice with flavors. I tried the original and felt the banana flavor just suppressed all the other flavors. Chocoberry was a good option for the chocolate lover. the smoothies also have top up with a booster flavor. A few grams of nutritional enhancer seems like a good idea, but I just passed it for now.

The snack options are good too. It is not a rip off like most other cafes though the model still sells the place to its young patrons. Omlette Kulcha caught my sight. Panini bread wrapped around omlette was taste satisfying and filling. All for forty rupees, agreed, good!

Overall, I would say this place is a decent dessert stop over after a good meal. Easily fits into a diet schedule and pocket too.

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