Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am going green

My travel blog boasted of a-few-green-things on my travels here. I also felt the need to go green generally in life and not just on travels and hence this post.

I have been on a public transport mode from times immemorial. After getting my driver's licence I rode my 2 wheeler for 2 years and then shifted to the college bus. Since I graduated, I haven't upgraded to a car and have been using mass transport. But these days I have been using the AC bus from city to the outskirt where most work places are located. BMTC made their humble effort to encourage more people to use public transport by introducing the Bus Day on 4th of every month.

My work place decided to support the green initiative and removed all paper cups from pantry and cafeteria. We were all given mugs for coffee. Initially, it felt like a jail where everyone walked for a coffee with their own tumblers. Then people started getting frustrated with washing their coffee mugs, followed by series of fungus infected mugs lying around in the pantry.
Now, I am a part of this. I bought a couple of cheap mugs, painted them myself and started using these in office. When the mug is stained beyond cleaning, I trash it and paint a new one :-)

What's your green initiative?


Vignesh Tg said...

perhaps your company can hire some one for cleaning these mugs.. u'll go green n u r givin life to someone :P

girlsguidetosurvival said...

1. For drafts I print on both sides of the paper.
2. Bring my own brown bag lunch. Usually fresh fruits that makes for my 5 servings of fruits. At home I do my 3 servings of veges.
3. Recycle as much as I can. Paper, plastic, clothes,
4. For stained mugs just leave some vinegar or hydrogenparaoxide in mugs for overnight then scrub.
5. I am also trying to eliminate plastics in everyday life as much as I can due to dangers of phthalates.


Desi Girl

Sneo said...

@Desi Girl: Sure looks like a promising list. glad too see that :-)


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