Friday, June 11, 2010

Grill House in Bangalore

Unlike the name, the place is hardly there to grill anyone :-) Or like you guessed by now, it is a restaurant. The place serves some great steaks and sizzlers. They have a wide variety of soups and starters. That's one thing I appreciate in any restaurant. A place that claims of its food, should always give choices to customer. I believe. I tried the Spinach and Garlic soup, which is clear and has a subtle flavour of salt and pepper in addition to garlic. But this is just one of the times when I enjoyed a clear soup. (Thumbs up) The sea food soup with prawns, squids and oyster also looked interesting.

Main course has steaks, sizzlers and their signature dishes. I went with a humble Au Gratin which comes with spinach and cream sauce. Nothing exceptional, but good and filling quantity.

The best part of it all, desserts. Name of the cake I ordered is Better Than Sex Chocolate cake. Though people tried to convince me it cant be better, I still feel Chocolate is an absolute remedy. Amazing cake. Just made my day!

The location is pretty good, right next to Taj Residency on MG Road.
Service was a bit delayed even on a week night.
Ambiance is old school American and meant for regulars, well until you become one ofcourse..
Food is great. i am not rating it with numbers :-)


Anjuli said...

Okay- you make everything sound sooo delicious it makes it difficult to read. I want to go and rummage around for some food now- especially a chocolate cake! or maybe...;)

Vikram Karve said...

Delicious Foodie Blog...mouthwatering...must visit Grill House when I am in Bangalore next

Gayathri Ramdas Sreekanth said...

Oh I do remember Grillhouse so prominently from my Bangalore days..Loved the food..


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