Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Entry of Sushi in Life

Ofcourse, I hadn't eaten Sushi till date. Reason being thin slices of fish didn't really appeal to me. Yesterday, was supposed be a dinner at an Arabic restaurant but since the place had closed for good, we chose Babette's which happens to serve Japanese cuisine. Babette's restaurant is a part of Aspasia hotel and apart from our table all others were guests at the hotel, every one of them Japanese. 

The outer seating area had a casual ambiance with cane furniture and lounge experience and the inner seating area had carpeted wooden interiors which reminded me of a converted palatial home. 
There were 3 menus: Continental, Japanese and Indian. 

I picked the starter from Continental menu. Bruschetta was fresh bread but fresh grated cheese as well, which didn't go very well with me. I usually prefer melted cheese.
Main course was from the Japanese menu. Sushi made its entry into my plate for the first time. Vegetarian sushi is rice and vegetables (including slices of ginger... oooff) wrapped in brinjal/ cucmber skin. I liked the vinegar and chilli flakes dip. Wasabi sauce is very concentrated and pungent flavored. But wasabi and vinegar dip go just fine with sushi.
Maybe we picked a weekday but the mocktails and dessert menu was limited. Mocktails were non-existent and desserts was limited to icecream only. Again, fig and honey flavour didn't disappoint me at all. 

The herbal tea which every one of the Japanese guests had after dinner, and so did I, was average. I am not a connoisseur of tea flavours. I could sense Spinach flavour in the tea but then I already have a disclaimer...

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