Monday, June 21, 2010

The entry of Pottery

I went for a promo class for Pottery run by Pavan. Being a artist, I had interest in Pottery but had never tried it formally. Ofcourse, I played with enough of mud and clay as a kid. I even made little clay toys with my synthetic clay. But the real fun of Pottery is playing dirtying your hands in muddy clay, placing the block of clay on a rotating wheel, shaping it, breaking it, retrying to shape the pot etc... I totally loved making a very average shaped pot and giving it a floral brim.
I also learnt to make a little elephant and a little basket which I hope to use like a desktop holder for my stationery. I asked the instructor to bake my pot, my elephant and my basket. Will put up pics of those soon.
The single class cost me Rs.75/- which is a meager amount compared to the exorbitant rates for de-stressing activities charged thesedays.

You could join pottery classes in Bangalore at Gopni

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Abhishek Joshi said...

Keep living the good life :)


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