Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday morning effect..

The very fact "it is a Saturday morning" kinda peps me up, thinking of the 2 long holidays ahead. Now if the Saturday morning should have a good effect on me, there's one "solid mantra" to it, FOOD. That's the breakfast buffet at Isys, President Hotel in Bangalore.
I started with a healthy sprouts salad, cucumber-tomato mini sandwich, some yogurt, boiled vegetables and fresh juice.
The next round, I filled in French toast, baked beans, a doughnut, and our own South Indian Vada Sambar. I must say, the last item was the winner of this round :-)
Third round was Danish pastry, Uttappa/ Dosa with Chutney and sambar, another French toast with Honey :-)
Fourth was another belting of uppittu and sambar along with peas parantha and more yogurt, for the cup cake didn't interest me much.
And fillers in-between food was grape and watermelon juice
I have respect for people who eat a whole omlette, half a kilo of sausages and some Vadas.. seriously, with all those rounds of eating, I had to leave it out, maybe because I don't like the shape and sight of sausages..
But my rounds of eating had to go with Chocochips milk shake and Kheer like desserts for breakfast
Some coffee to flush it all in and and apple to make my day!

The buffet costs Rs.125/- tax. But you would be proud of yourself if you had an appetite
Find the daily breakfast buffet at President Hotel, Jayanagar, Bangalore


Enigma said...

The post sure makes my mouth water! XD

Anjuli said...

Wow you really know how to make me hungry :)

Abhishek Joshi said...

This is totally amazing! Saturday night was a party in Barbeque nation (regular dinner including what-not) and I thought that was too much. But this variety completely blows it away!


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