Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buffet at Catch Marine caught me

As a part of a combined treat from me and some others to our whole team, we picked Catch Marine for a Friday buffet lunch. The price seemed to fit our budget and the only person who had been there gave a good feedback.
So this place which I expected to be filled with seafood turned out quite different. I was telling another vegetarian colleague how we might have to order separate vegetarian dishes, but the place had good stuff to satisfy the vegetarian palate.
Desserts don't get replaced when finished. You might have to grab your share earlier in the buffet, esp if you arrive at the buffet around 1.30 pm.
Or you can do what I do... Keep tasting small servings of dessert along with each main course refill.
I feel this Catch Marine's buffet is worth the money and satisfies you to gear up for the weekend :-)

Buffet contents:
2 soups (veg +non veg) ,  2 veg or 2 n-veg starters, 3 non-veg and 4 Veg main course, 6 salads and 4 deserts, Bread Baskets and cheese varieties (which no one really bothers about)
Continental, Mexican, Italian or Thai cuisine food - like everyone advertises. One dish of each type ofcourse.. 
Monday to friday at Rs.249 + tax extra


Lakshmi said...

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Anjuli said...

The buffet sounds wonderful- I'm not into desserts, so I think that wouldn't bother me if they ran out.


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