Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breezy candlelights at Copper Chimney

That was my dinner last night. We went for a early dinner and saw the restaurant pretty empty. Proceeded to the  open air seating, which is called "Candlelight Dinner" section. But I think its a euphemism for "smoking section" , which  wasn't a problem for me, by the way.
Quick evening showers in Bangalore had eased the temperature. The weather was mildly breezy. Add to it the nice hot Malai Makhi Sheek kabab (cream and corn kabab), with a Singapore Sling, and you have a nice quite evening, with a slight flavor of dance-able music from HiNT disco next door.
Oh, we tried to relight the candle light, over and over again, but the after shower breeze politely refused and drizzled and breezed once more!
Copper Chimney, Bangalore is a feast for non-vegetarians, especially the Tandoori and Kabab fans. The Tandoor behind a glass wall shielding AC seating, pretty much caught everybody's attention amidst the lusty non-vegetarian palate, who were yearning for those grills to be directed into their plate :-)
We had a meager dinner of Palak Paneer and Peas Pulao. Pulao was nice and satisfying but I make Palak Paneer better.
A good experience if you want a evening full of talking without any background music, except for the mild beats of course and good food.
What I saw on the next table get a mention too, because it was a chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream with the waiter generously pouring hot chocolate sauce till the dessert sizzled. If I had an inch up my throat, I would accommodate that too...

Average a-la-carte dinner with a rounds of drinks costs about Rs.1500/-
Happy Candle Light dinner...


Anjuli said...

I need to remember NOT to read your blog when I'm feeling hungry :)...forgot to eat dinner!! Oh this sounded relaxing and the food sounded good.

Nisha said...

Oh, there is an outlet of Copper Chimney near my place. I should visit it this weekend.

And I so agree with Anjuli ! Me actually hungry now.

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Sukhdeepak said...

Seekh kabab and palak paneer are my favourate dishes. But the cost Rs 1500 is very very high. Only very rich can afford it.

Mumbai Diva said...

i wonder if it's the same chain from delhi coz CC at Delhi had the most awesome kebabs ever.

stumbled across your blog. Like it :)


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