Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reminiscing a year gone by..

.. and that is 2009. Last year was so much fun!!!!

Come January and I was off to Goa with cousin and friends. Had a blast at our usual Anjuna beach!
February was my road trip time to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. Also visited Kanchipuram and bought silk sarees for a bomb.
March was trip planning and visa and saving and anticipation! Wow, that was actually FUN
Despite all the saving for the big trip, April saw the first visit to Wayanad and stay at the luxurious Club Mahindra. Did someone say I contradict myself?
Well April is the best month of the year. Any guesses? Yeah, a-few-strange-things do happen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNEO! thanks for the 2 cakes smashed on my face. and the pricey gifts. Love you all 
The biggest trip happened in May. 18 days of Europe. 7 countries. Tons of memories. Surprisingly less photographs :D
June was cousin's wedding. Mehendi and dance practice and silk-saree-mannequin dress up times
July was probably some sunshine and rain in Bangalore
August was Hampi again :-) with the crazy office gang and meet the new firang-friends
September-October ... Thailand Wohooo!!!!!
November passed
December was crazy at work and a squeezed in trip to GOAAAA

Lets extend it to this year as well, esp since things are not as great ..
Last year this time was all about planning for the big trip and so much to look forward to. Now, hmmm, I feel old and poor and no trip to look forward to. So I ironed my hair :D


Anjuli said...

You have a birthday to look forward to later this month!! Wow- you were a travel bug last year :)...doing anything to your hair may not be a substitute for traveling- but it sure does help :)

Anonymous said...

A very refreshing blog :-)

phatichar said...

A very happy birthday to you, girl! :-)

Nice blog..will return for more.



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