Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday's strange things

A bunch of of went out for a Friday evening outing yesterday along with a visiting colleague. Now this guy is a Bulgarian working out the US office. He had so many strange offerings, like the time he decided to leave his country and go to North America to make a great life. A Harvard PhD for a guy who earlier earned his living as a lumberjack. And his brother who moved to US and was having a hard time trying to find a waiter's job but instead got hired by the Internet leaders.
The colourful wrist band he sported had a Bulgarian tradition of tying it on March 1st in the hope for Winter to end. When do you remove it? When you see a stork!
But the American tradition says "when you see a stork, hurray! you will have babies"

Then we went to the Jazz night where a middle aged lady was Jazzing it and had 50 year old peers enjoying the performance. I wonder what i was doing there at my age. I guess, just taking photographs of ourselves :-)

Have a great weekend, folks! My Kerala trip was rocking! Hit Tra Well for Kerala updates..

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Anjuli said...

The Bulgarian sounds like he had some humorous stories.


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