Thursday, March 4, 2010

And the drop of hope..

.. is here to cool the thirsty soul. After all the bad moods and over work and mental burnout, we are back to feeling a bit better. Ice cream outing was never an important one. But now it is. That is ice for the soul and cream for the waist! And then I bought a ceramic mug with the idea to paint on it and use everyday. It doesn't seem like a bad idea afterall. Maybe after many mugs of painting, I can become a good artist too.
And then there is always that soul satisfier. Planning the next trip! :-) This is one activity that never fails me. Just searching places, flights, trains, rates, dates etc is such a feel good factor . It is better than the trip itself. Because after the trip, there is the boring routine to get back to. But after the exciting planning, there is the exciting trip to look forward to. Ok, I'm back to searching train tickets..


Anjuli said...

the painting of the mug sounds wonderful. As for the trip- where do you plan to go?

SSN said...

I've never realized for myself before reading this post that planning for a trip was more fun than the actual trip itself. It's true.. :)


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