Monday, February 15, 2010

Twitter calling photographers

I have started using Twitter extensively off late. Realized, it is very powerful to influence your publicity, etc etc. I am still figuring out features on Twitter. List is one such.
So I created a new list. Called it travelpicmonday. And what does it do? Pretty much suffices my urge to write a new post on my travel blog and also provides a new dimension to the loads of photographs I have taken on trips. Fair enough?
And since this is a list on Twitter, any one can follow the list and when ever you tweet the link to your photograph, all followers get their eyes on it. Sounds good?

You will find it on my twitter profile. Happy Photographing! Happy Tweeting!

1 comment:

Anjuli said...

this is good to know- when I get back to the States I'll 'follow' you on Twitter-the connection makes it difficult for me to do much here.


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