Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feel at home

This "feel at home" feeling is a very weird one. For starters, I never feel at home. Not in my 3 homes: grany's, friend's or parents's home. Maybe having 3 choices for a home makes it more difficult on the little grey cell that I call my brain. The little grey cell (lgc) feels it needs a single home or no home.
"lgc" doesn't feel having no home and being on the road is a bad thing because it has seen high levels of inner peace when on the move. And when asked to be in a single place for a month or so, "lgc" probably get confused and doesn't know what to do. Then "lgc" starts crying and comes up with reasons like loneliness, work overload, PMS, bad food, etc etc. All because we are not "feeling at home" in the house that houses the worldly belongings. Maybe like "Letta in China", I should just take off to work for the wellness of others but the "lgc" reminds me of petty materialistic things in the wish list. And we need to work to afford them. SO we quietly go back to work everyday and religiously wait for the weekend. Juggling 3 homes on a weekend indeed make my weak end. "lgc" is confused..

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Anjuli said...

What a dilemma- the travel bug, when it bites it infects our very being. We want to go- once we get there- we want to go somewhere else :)

You have so much to give and I know right now it seems tedious- but as you set your goals and vision out clearly in front of you- you will find things get less constricting as you move forward. One thing which will be helpful is when you establish your own home- that helps a lot.

You are so precious!!!


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